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Keymacro, a virtual keyboard extension for Vim and other text editors, is aimed to help you efficiently edit text documents on both macOS and Linux.
We’ve made Keymacro to cover all of your text editing needs by giving you a virtual keyboard, easy to navigate and full of useful functionality. If you are using Vim on the OSX then there’s no better tool for you. There is also a port available for Vim users on Linux. You can find it at
• Unlimited layouts
• Unlimited themes (with sub-themes)
• Multi-language support (Vim version >= 7.4)
• Customizable shortcut sets
• Support for OSX & Linux (native Vim)
• Auto-completion for text and websites
• Import/Export CSV (useful for batch editing)
• Variable substitution (such as $REPLACE, %FOLDER%, $HOME, $PATH, etc.)
• Locale support
• Basic set of plugins
• Full integration with the Vim runtime (available in the built-in maps)
• Scripting support
• Customizable Macros (and commands) (menu bar)
• Tabbed macro entry (macro tray)
• Shortcuts reference
• Keyboard keys support
• Built-in page control
• Copy text between macros
• Fuzzy/instant search
• Keyboard shortcuts support
• Regex support
• Highlighting (with the built-in Vim highlighting engine)
• Move text between Macros
• Autoload
• Context menu (for websites)
• Toolbar (as a standalone plugin)
• Translation support
• Export and Import (useful for generating.vba and.xml formats)
• Exports JSON (not included, but you can easily add it with the built-in Vim support)
Keymacro is a free text editor plugin for the macOS and Linux platforms. However, we strongly encourage you to check out our paid version if you would like to support the project.
To get started just go to and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also get in touch with us through our support page at
We know that there are a lot of text editors out there, so we’ve tried to focus on just the best 9e73cec45a

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Spider 039;s Cave
TDP x-Ray Pro
CT OEM Logo Changer
Classic PhoneTools
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Picture to HTML

KeyMacro is a cross-platform C# application that can be used to generate a MacOS keyboard layout based on the existing character layout. With KeyMacro, you can easily create custom layouts based on any character layout you have previously created.
NEW-MCLI Description:
New-MCLI is a command-line utility, which can be used to scan, query and list of machine learning models hosted in Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Gen2. The tool uses cmdlets to enable it to connect to the selected data lake and send queries to the query service.
Notepad++ Description:
Notepad++ is a text editor developed by Christian E. Ahlgren and published by Brad Mackey. It is a Windows text editor that supports syntax highlighting, line numbering, and other common editing tasks, along with functions such as undo and redo. One of the developer’s goals was to provide a program for programmers that provides a basic editing experience for their programs.
Properties Description:
Properties is a.NET library that can be used to quickly and easily access and serialize and deserialize system settings.
R-Studio Description:
R-Studio is a professional software development toolkit used to facilitate the development of R applications, which can be built on top of the R language. R-Studio is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that is intended for R development.
SNMP Description:
SNMP is a standard for managing devices in a computer network. The SNMP protocol allows devices such as routers, modems and gateways to be monitored and controlled remotely.
XMLReader Description:
XMLReader is a C# class library that implements XML processing for parsing and validating XML data that can be transmitted in the transmission control protocol (TCP), the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
Read the full description:
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