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* Easily create and edit your personal notes
* Free space to keep all your notes, notes your friends, and any other notes you want
* Easy to use
* Create and edit your notes with your own keyboard or the mouse
* Easily view your notes
* Show notes for images and audio
* Share notes with your friends using the Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or email
If you are looking to transfer your knowledge into notes, Texthaven is a great tool to do it.

Little Tools For Everyone is all about small, useful things that everyone can use.

10 Best Tools For Tech Support;
10 Things to Know When Hiring a Tech Support Guy or Girl

There’s the guy who’s quiet, unassuming, and always there to help whenever you need it. And then there’s the guy who tells you everything you need to know about your PC problems. Which one do you think is better?

Well, the right tech support guy is still quiet and unassuming, but he has the answers to your questions, the right software, and your computer up and running in no time.

Of course, there’s the tech support guy who has no idea what he’s doing, but, hey, if you’re willing to pay for his service, he’ll tell you about every problem you can think of. And, just maybe, there’s a happy medium — the man or woman in between.

To make the best choice, it helps to know what’s out there. So, here are 10 things to look for when choosing your next tech support service provider.

1. What’s your price range?

You might be willing to pay a lot for tech support, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay the highest price. Many companies these days offer hourly or daily rates, and there are a few that offer hourly rates at no additional charge. Some of these are only for emergencies, and some are geared toward small businesses who need a certain level of technical support.

But the fact is that you can still get great tech support at a low price. Many of the companies that offer hourly rates and no additional charge offer a high level of service for low prices.

2. How many other people are on the network?

It’s nice to know that there’s a tech support professional on the other end of the line when you’re calling about a problem. You can ask for a list of technicians to make eea19f52d2

The ScreenBouncer application is a part of the prank collection that will make your monitor bounce!
You cannot close ScreenToys in usual way, because these programs doesn’t have a Close button. Alt+F4 is not affected with this program, even Task Manager cannot stop these programs because ScreenToys always run topmost from another windows.
To stop ScreenToys, move your mouse to top-left corner of the screen. A message will appears that tell your friend if it is only a prank. Click Close button and prank is ended.

ScreenToys Description:
The ScreenToys application is a tool that is made for people who are new to this screen.
1. Work like a miracle, full of fairy-tale operations.
2. Paint on your screen directly.
3. Decorate your screen in any way you like.
4. Enable the quality of ScreenToys like you were the author.
5. Change resolution of your screen.
6. Print Screen of your desktop and free your mouse.
7. Automatically start ScreenToys.
8. ScreenToys can work as a battery saver.
9. The application will run permanently, even the computer is off.
10. ScreenToys is easy to use.
11. ScreenToys is free, commercial version is available.
12. Test mode is available.

Finite Synchronize Description:
Finite Synchronize is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to schedule the updates of your files across multiple computers. With its pre-set settings, you can easily create a schedule to synchronize all of your files and folders on multiple computers at the same time.

Pillow Description:
Pillow is an open-source desktop-publishing application. Its latest version is 0.1.1.

Bouncing Box Description:
Bouncing Box is a multimedia presentation software which is inspired by screen-saver. It has many interesting effects like bouncing, image flipping, program icon flipping, etc. It supports the mouse and keyboard to control and automate the action.

AutoReply Screen Description:
ScreenAutoReply is a small utility that lets you configure an email client to send automatically configured emails to a group of addresses. It also let you configure the email addresses to be sent as well as the subject and the body of the email.

LOL Flash Description:
LOL Flash

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