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Designed for desktop users, cCloud is a file sharing application that enables you to upload personal files to an online storage account in order to seamlessly synchronize data across multiple devices as well as to download and access the files from any location in the world.
Cross-platform file sharing for Windows, iOS and Android
It’s similar to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Counterpart apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
After a simple setup operation, the program creates an icon in the system tray area and sits there silently until its process is called, so it doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day computer activity. It also integrates a new entry into the right-click menu of Windows Explorer for moving cCloud folders.
Account signup, desktop client and web interface
Signing up for an online account is necessary to log into cCloud and be able to upload files. Just like with the previously mentioned file sharing utilities, you can use Explorer or another file manager to gain access to the cloud and start copying files and folders by mounting the online storage space as a virtual drive.
Alternatively, you can drop files to a small designated box on the desktop to immediately upload them, or use any web browser when you’re away from your PC. In either case, the interface is user-friendly.
Simple and intuitive desktop client
The desktop client is not that feature-rich, since it focuses on simplicity rather than customization options. Apart from dropping files into the box, you can also drag text snippets, web links and bookmarks.
It’s possible to assign a preferred drive letter to the mounted drive, ask cCloud to run at every system startup until further notice and to automatically upload printscreens, apply a proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet, and manage the synchronized folders.
If you’re looking for a file sharing app that’s pretty straightforward, but comes with a decent set of features, you might want to try out cCloud.
Instructions and Demo

I used the foldersync app for a while and after reviewing the folder sync and sharing features. I am sharing the link for those who want to have a try. As I mentioned in the review. It works on Windows OS.
Link to the app: eea19f52d2

DemoGNG allows you to experiment with various methods of gaining high-performance knowledge through competitive learning, based on the Berkeley approach to GNG learning.
DemoGNG offers a list of methods of how to design and build a learner that perform well, and its utilities make it easy to use.
The software is free and requires no installation.
You can create any amount of sets of problems and run them repeatedly without having to install anything.
Additionally, you can analyze the results and determine the best methods for your own needs.
DemoGNG Key Features:
Competitive Learning: You can try many different learning algorithms and their variants.
Constraints based Learning: The learning algorithm checks the validity of the results and removes invalid solutions automatically.
Different Methods: You can choose one of the following methods: FeedForward, CRONOLOGY or PRUNING.
Randomized or Tournament Based Learning: You can create one or multiple tournaments, randomly choose a contestant and play against it.
Visualization: You can save the current settings of the learning method, and continue to work on previously created problems.
Customizable: You can add data to the knowledge sets that were created.
You can create one set of a problem, a set of all methods, a set of a method, a set of a contestant and a set of a problem.
Custom set of problem formats: You can choose one of the standard problems, or a custom format.
Quiz Based Learning: You can create one set of a problem that is created with one of the following formats: Quiz, Quiz With In-Time Answers, Quiz With In-Time Answers With Time Constraints, Quiz With Out-Of-Time Answers, Quiz With Out-Of-Time Answers With Time Constraints, Intermittent Quiz, Intermittent Quiz With In-Time Answers, Intermittent Quiz With Out-Of-Time Answers, Quiz With In-Time Answers With Time Constraints, Quiz With Out-Of-Time Answers With Time Constraints and Last Question.
Standard Learning: The software checks the validity of the solution, generates the best learning method, and displays the solution.
You can choose between various learning algorithms that are implemented in DemoGNG.
DemoGNG is available as a free download.

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