Bluebits Trikker V1.5.16.rar

Bluebits Trikker V1.5.16.rar


Bluebits Trikker V1.5.16.rar

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TORONTO, Canada, Jan 4, 2008 / 12:00 am (CNA).- British oil giant Shell has received opposition to its $1 billion offer for additional shares of Canada’s in oil reserves as well as a hostile proposal by a small company that would result in massive job cuts, Shell shareholders have learned.

The opposition to the Shell bid comes from David Pries-Richer, the head of a Vancouver-based group called Conservation Investors Ltd., and Bernard Hargreaves, the chairman of the opposition in a November shareholders meeting.

According to an article published on the website, «The two are calling for a shareholder vote on the Shell deal, arguing it has the potential to dilute shareholder capital as well as damage the company’s environment.»

The $1 billion of additional shares – which was offered in October – gives the British oil company a total of 24% of the shares in Alberta’s Chevron Canada, which is in the midst of a hostile bid to buy out rival in the oil sands, Petro-CanadCorp.

According to the article, all of the 67% of Chevron Canada’s shares not owned by Chevron Corp. are owned by the company’s partners and associates – in other words, by the companies that allow Chevron to drill for oil in Canada.

Shell’s offer is contingent on the partners and associates signing a shareholder agreement to ensure that those shares are not moved into Shell’s hands – a move that would give Shell a larger voting stake in the company’s affairs.

The article details that the opposition to the Shell bid is made up of many Canadian shareholders that hold shares in the company in the U.S., who do not want to transfer their shares to Shell in Canada.

According to the article, shareholders who are opposed to the deal claim that they were not given adequate time to read the agreement before the November shareholders meeting – a claim that is generally upheld by the courts, the article states.

The article also notes the opposition to the Shell bid is surprising given the fact that Shell has a high reputation as an environmentalist – although they are also a partner in oil exploration in the Canadian oil sands, the environment is not in their top priorities.

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